DOM tent, an extraordinary venue in winter

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Looking for a tent for your event in Budapest? An event outdoors, close to nature, yet in a closed, heated area? That’s the DOMUS tent! The beauty of nature and the romantic environment is a perfect place for any event!

A venue in a tent in Budapest – beautiful environment at Városliget

Recently, outdoor and tent venues have gained momentum – but only if they provide a perfect place without compromise. A high quality tent offers the atmosphere of an outdoor event, combined with the safety of indoor events. Here we can enjoy the beauty of nature and the comfort of an indoor venue at the same time.

However, the environment of the tent is, of course, very important. The City Park is a perfect choice because this is almost the only place from where you can enjoy the beauty of the untouched winter environment in Budapest. The DOMUS tent is a unique solution for a venue – the view of the Vajdahunyad Castle is still there to provide the romantic and exceptional atmosphere for your event.

An outdoor venue without compromise

When we hear the word “tent”, many of us think of beer tents, but an outdoor event does not necessarily have to give up elegance. DOMUS tent offers exactly this elegance: its look and design can be elegant or bohemian. All in all, the DOMUS rather resembles an exclusive, creative venue than a simple tent. We can still enjoy all the advantages of a tent. A sheltered, heated place where you can still stay close to nature while enjoying the view from behind the “walls”. What about the interior design? It’s up to your imagination: it can be a romantic wedding, a happy party or an exclusive conference. Everything is possible!

And capacity should also not be a problem since the DOMUS can boast a floor space from 29 to 564 square metres!

Events in a tent in Budapest – What makes the DOM tent so special?

The DOM is a perfect choice for almost any event. It is so versatile that it can be suitable for weddings, birthday parties or even corporate events. Thanks to its light effects, such a tent is an exceptional view. And it is also easy to assemble.

A tent has to endure harsh weather too – but that’s no problem for the DOM tent. These tents have very special aerodynamic features that make them robust and sustainable..

A venue in a tent in Budapest – Top quality food and drinks served by Városliget Café & Restaurant!

Városliget Café & Restaurant provides complete catering service – one less problem for the customer. The restaurant provides gastronomic specialties made from quality ingredients – all tailored to your needs.

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