“We consider the Városliget Café & Restaurant anno 1895 mainly a restaurant and most of our guests agree with this, but the interior, the atmosphere and our offer enables visitors to come in only for a coffee because we know that everybody needs a favourite place.

This place is Városliget Café where you can meet me and the atmosphere and flavours of the Belle Époque. Be it a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a carefree get-together with the kids and family, or just a coffee after walking the dog, here you’ll surely find what you are looking for. Be our guest and I will take you to the unique time of the Belle Époque of Budapest!”

- Vendelin

Event venue

Be it a traditional family day or an exclusive event, we have the equipment, accessories and tools, and, of course, a qualified and professional staff.

Depending on the selected event programme, the capacity of the venue is between 1.000 and 3.000 people. It is a perfect place for concerts, parties, festivals and other events, and the Banquet Hall is excellent for exclusive events.

CAPACITY: 1 000 - 3 000 People