Chef of Városliget Café & Restaurant 1895

Our chef, József Dobosy first met this profession as a child, in the kitchen of his grandmother. There he learned to prepare dishes that cannot be learned elsewhere: he soon realised that the preparation of dough is one of the most exciting things in life – almost as exciting as finding the ways of stealing a piece from it.

Later he utilised his family traditions in his career. Together with all the experiences of childhood, in 1983, as an 8th grade student, he had the opportunity to further improve in the kitchen of the prestigious Gellért Hotel. The chefs there were excellent and ready to teach everything to the enthusiastic little cooks.

He then met a whole new world in Germany in 1989 where he could show his talent. Since then, he has had the opportunity to use this talent in many European – and also Asian – countries. But challenges kept coming – the expectations are high in Városliget Café & Restaurant anno 1895 because we are only satisfied if the guest is perfectly satisfied! He is responsible for all the great dishes at our restaurant in Budapest.