Panarini Hungária – A good catch

„Our goal is making the consumption of fish a part of everyday life and making them available to everyone. We raise freshwater fish on our own farm, which must be provided in sustainable conditions for the fish. We cooperate with other fish farms, so we also include other and well-known fish species in our offer. Our main goal is that everybody who knows how to cook, could prepare a delicious fish menu as quickly as possible, so that afterwards there is enough time to "slow down" and pay attention to each other.”

Saliverzum Családi Gazdaság

Éva Sándor and her daughters run their family farm in Gajgonya, in Balástya. The encouragement of a French restaurant, they started growing quality vegetables and salads. Today, there are more than 30 different species of leafy vegetables in their offer, but they also grow edible flowers and baby vegetables. Their goods always arrive freshly washed and packaged, and they are delivered directly to the customer. They not only won the „Aranyszalag” certification mark, but also they were in the Top 100 producers int he category of „producing the best raw materials”. Event he well known „Magyar Konyha” gastronomic magazine published about it.

Séf Kertje

"Contributing to Hungarian gastronomic endeavors with locally grown, high-quality kitchen ingredients."

Since 2010, Séf Kertje has been growing microgreens, leafy salads and edible flowers in accordance with this motto, exclusively for restaurants.

Séf Kertje is located in Pilis, 40 km from Budapest. More than two dozen types of plants are grown with care, in sizes prepared for the kitchen, from which our chefs can easily select the ones for their dishes. They have been in contact with our restaurant since the reopening in 2020 and they are supplier of the Hungarian Bocuse d'Or team as well.

Zümi Honey Farm

„Beekeeping is my heritage from my grandfather. Everytime I work and my sons are with me, I feel that we are a natural continuation of the past and the present of my sons' future. I always watch how my wife sorts and cleans the fruit, just like my grandmother did back then. Grandpa's memory is in every bottle of our honey and there is also a reflect of the innovative intention that comes from me. I always want to achieve more, do more, give more. The best for my family and yours.”

Perjés Tibor Péter farmer

"Our family farm is located in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, on the suburbs of Mezőtúr. Our main activity is the cultivation of asparagus and the production of strawberries and honey. The center of our farm is located in the middle of the plantation, where the goods are prepared for the market immediately after harvesting. Our asparagus production area is 6.7 hectares, which we have cultivated as a plantation since 2004. Our plants are healthy, straight 20-25 cm long, cleaned and selected by manual or machine cutting.”

Petróczki family business

Since 1998, the Petróczki family has been involved in the production of paprika.

Every member of the family takes their share of the work. Grandparents help with the continuous background work, while the younger generation is responsible for sowing, cultivating and harvesting. The product is marketed as raw paprika or ground paprika.

"When we started producing paprika, we cultivated it in a very small area with the help of my family, friends, and good neighbors. At that time, the atmosphere was very good, just like in the old days.”

With a lot of attention and carefully produced ingredient, it reached excellent quality. Thanks to our hard work, now you can find our product in Australia, America, Germany, Italy, or in Hungary too.

Füredi Zsolt Pigeon breeder

"My love of pigeons comes from my childhood. I have always admired them. Over the years, it became clear to me that I would like to work with them and at the same time promote the forgotten pigeon meat.

In the spring of 2020, I started with a not very large herd, which is still actively doing its job. I strive to ensure that quality meat is put on the table of those who choose pigeon meat, so I only feed the birds with a high-quality grain feed mixture.

I came into contact with the restaurant through an advertisement. Chef József Dobosy personally visited us, where he inspected the pigeons and the keeping conditions. To my great pleasure, we have been in contact ever since."

Válibor wine

We believe that an excellent wine can add a little extra to every occasion – a romantic dinner or even a business lunch. When it comes to wine, we know no compromises. This is why we offer quality wine produced at the north shore of Lake Balaton. The Válibor wines perfectly match every course – even a pleasant conversation!

Come and taste our unique wine offers and try a different type for every meal!

Árpád Pálinka

There are many good pálinkas in Hungary, but among the good ones there is also the best. ”We work hard to make Árpád Pálinka one of the best and high-quality pálinkas. Besides, it is important to have a worthy place in today's cultured pálinka consumption. Our main goal is to focus on uniqueness and quality.”

Semiramis Coffe Roasting Facility

The famous Liget Café, roasted in our restaurant, has been for many years the most popular choice with our guests thanks to its unique flavour and serving. The coffe beans are delivered raw to us by Semiramis. We roast them, add biscuits, a pinch of magic, and the unforgettable experience is ready to be savoured.

We are proud of this speciality – which you can come and enjoy every day in our restaurant!

Pödör Oils

Not only the expertise of the cooks, but also the high quality of the ingredients and the flavour of our foods is of utmost importance for us. Thanks to the premium quality Pödör spices, oils and vinegars, the chef of our restaurant prepares specialties that make you want to eat them all! Pödör has taught us the use of cold pressed, unfiltered oils and their importance in the meals. The result of excellent ingredients and professional expertise is food of highest quality every day!

Fóti Craft Beer

Classic beers have recently given way to specialty beers or craft beers. We offer drinks of unique taste for a friend or family lunch or for an enjoyable dinner. In our restaurant, you get the opportunity to taste the products of the Fóti Beer Manufacture, one of the best of its kind in Hungary.

Szomor – Salami

We believe that the quality of the food we serve does not only depend on us! This is the reason why we only work with producers who can enrich our offer with their high-quality, tasty products. Dezső Szomor has been engaged in agricultural activities in the Kiskunság National Park since 1989. Thanks to his experience and hard work, tasty salamis appear in many places in our restaurant's dishes.