Válibor wine

We believe that an excellent wine can add a little extra to every occasion – a romantic dinner or even a business lunch. When it comes to wine, we know no compromises. This is why we offer quality wine produced at the north shore of Lake Balaton. The Válibor wines perfectly match every course – even a pleasant conversation!

Come and taste our unique wine offers and try a different type for every meal!

Gyulai Palinka Manufacture

When tasted at 20-22 °C, the 100% pure palinkas distilled from aromatic and tasty fruits show the soft spirit of the fruit in every drop. For cold winter afternoons or late-night summer revels, the Gyulai Palinka made from high-quality ingredients is a perfect, unrivalled choice.

Semiramis Coffe Roasting Facility

The famous Liget Café, roasted in our restaurant, has been for many years the most popular choice with our guests thanks to its unique flavour and serving. The coffe beans are delivered raw to us by Semiramis. We roast them, add biscuits, a pinch of magic, and the unforgettable experience is ready to be savoured.

We are proud of this speciality – which you can come and enjoy every day in our restaurant!

Pödör Oils

Not only the expertise of the cooks, but also the high quality of the ingredients and the flavour of our foods is of utmost importance for us. Thanks to the premium quality Pödör spices, oils and vinegars, the chef of our restaurant prepares specialties that make you want to eat them all! Pödör has taught us the use of cold pressed, unfiltered oils and their importance in the meals. The result of excellent ingredients and professional expertise is food of highest quality every day!

Fóti Craft Beer

Classic beers have recently given way to specialty beers or craft beers. We offer drinks of unique taste for a friend or family lunch or for an enjoyable dinner. In our restaurant, you get the opportunity to taste the products of the Fóti Beer Manufacture, one of the best of its kind in Hungary.

TrustFood Kft

The quality and origin of the products used is always very important for our restaurant. This is why we always ensure that our chef uses ingredients that do not contain additives or preservatives. Visit us to enjoy the results of the chef’s expertise! At the events organised by us, you can taste salami – a high-quality product of TrustFood Kft.

Győri “ELŐRE” Fishery Cooperative

The widest range of fresh water fish in Hungary is provided by the Győri ELŐRE Fishery Cooperative – which you can come and enjoy in our restaurant. Try our specialty, the Kárpáti-style zander fillet made from carefully selected ingredients by our chef!

Zümi Honey Farm

The soul of flowers, the high-quality, golden nectar that sweetens not only your tea, but your whole day... The Zümi Honey Farm products are made in Pannonhalma and include herbal infused and special flavoured honey. We use our own, natural ingredients to ensure high quality in our honey.