Outdoor venue

AIf you’d like to keep your event – fully, or just a part of it – at an outdoor event venue, our walway would be the best choice for you!

The Walkway takes palce between the Csatoló Hall and the Lake itself with lounge garnitures, cocktail tables and green plants – which makes it one of the best event venues at Budapest by itself, or attached to other venues of ours.

If you like the idea of keeping your event near the lake – or with the floating stage on the lake, this one will be your favourite from spring to autumn!

The amazing feeling of the lake of a romantic summer nights can be the best part of it! We highly recomment this event venue for romantic feeling events like weddings, anniversaries and so on. You can rent the full walway (more then 400 m2), or just the place by the Csatoló Hall, with the room itself.

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