Elegant, romantic and exclusive

Located in the magnificent building of the Ice Rink, the Banquet Hall with its original splendour is a perfect choice for elegant events, weddings, business events or even small conferences, workshops or private dinners where exclusive location comes first.

About Banquette Hall…

Floor space: 223 m2 (5,5 m wide, 37 m long)
Conference: 150 person
Buffet reception: 200 person
Served meal: 120 fő buffet tables and round tables, 150 person buffet tables and square tables
Ceremonial served meal: 150 person with round tables, 170 person with square tablesl
Availabe: whole year

The Banquet Hall is accessible from the hallway of the Ice Rink’s building and it is a perfect place for weddings, business events, press conferences, end of the year parties, Christmas parties or birthdays and anniversaries. The Hall has its own entrance and it boasts a capacity of up to 150 people, or it is suitable for standing receptions for up to 250 people together with the hallway. The maximum seat capacity is 150 for conferences. Since it is easy to divide into smaller parts, the Banquet Hall is also popular for small workshops or exhibitions.

The room was designed by Francsek Imre and it was built in 1895 in a Neo-Baroque style. After a recent refurbishment, the room now regained its original splendour. You can enjoy the marvellous view of the Vajdahunyad Castle from here too. It used to be the place where the Ice Skating Club held its well-known balls where they raised money to maintain and improve the Ice Rink.

The Banquet Hall is, of course, still recommended for balls, weddings and elegant ceremonies, but thanks to its atmosphere and flexibility, it is perfectly suitable for various events.

Two long table layout

Round table layout

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